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Penn State Nittany Lions

Key Takeaways: Special Teams Ultimately Doom Penn State Nittany Lions in 27-24 Citrus Bowl Loss

Exclusive Groups are still disaster

New day, exact same story for Penn State’s exclusive groups. The Nittany Lions, who exclusive groups were being common to dreadful in excess of the frequent period, were being at the time all over again dreadful towards Kentucky. The variety of miscues the exclusive groups device had all through the sport appeared to be a great number of, and they started from the extremely 1st series of the sport. Increase in a punt return permitted for a touchdown, two skipped subject aims, a undesirable decision to subject/not subject a punt and that was just the 1st half. The exclusive groups were being a little better in the 2nd half but the in general exclusive groups item is still unfathomable. Eventually, the two skipped subject aims price Penn State the likelihood to win the sport. James Franklin requires to sit down and assume tricky about the long run of Phil Galiano.,

Taking part in to lose?

We had one more possible scenario of playing to lose for Penn State on Tuesday. On the fourth quarter, Penn State had a fourth-and-6 around the finish zone but chose to kick the subject goal as an alternative heading for a 1st down or a touchdown. The defense had held Kentucky in the whole fourth quarter till the closing generate, when Kentucky picked up two 1st downs. This is not the 1st time we have observed this kind of a decision and approximately each individual time its price Penn State. This a person need to stick with James Franklin.

We By now Understood This, but Trace McSorley is A person Tricky Dude

What else can you say, the male is a fighter and he pretty much brought Penn State back again in inconceivable fashion. This reduction does not harm a great deal for supporters I assume in the thought of a reduction but the actuality that Trace’s past sport was ultimately a reduction. McSorley didn’t have his most effective 1st half but his 2nd half was outstanding and it just fell quick. His closing sport personally reminded me of his 1st actual sport action towards Ga, an inconceivable 2nd half comeback that ended just quick. He’ll go down as the greatest quarterback in plan heritage. There’s a large amount we can say about him, but we’ll have loads of like for Trace in excess of the offseason. But for now, we tip our cap to Trace for a person past gritty performance.

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