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Penn State Daily Headlines: 2018 pre-bowl news

Covering a major-college football program like Penn State can be a dog-eat-dog endeavor. It is a highly competitive field. There are very good reporters involved at many different outlets. Advertising dollars, viewer and subscribers are at stake. So the last thing a site like ours should do is to alert our community to stories at other outlets, right?

Actually, wrong. Starting with our days as the PSU Playbook, then on to and now with our merger into Lions247 With Fight On State, we have ALWAYS linked to stories from across the Penn State beat and across the state and across the nation. The only legit outlets we’ve ever excluded have been the ones who have asked us NOT to share their material.

The logic? We know we have the top Penn State community. And if Nittany Lion fans head off the site to read a good story somewhere else, they’ll come back and talk about it right here.

So please enjoy the headlines. And you know where to go to discuss them. 🙂

Thank you!

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