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Penn State’s strong presence in Virginia pays dividends with Devyn Ford – The Athletic

STAFFORD, Va. — With each passing day and every piece of mail arriving at his house, Devyn Ford tried to take his recruitment in stride.

In pamphlets touting stadiums, facilities, graduation rates and NFL stars, most of the messages were similar. LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Auburn were among the schools flooding his mailbox, so much so that the mailman asked the Ford family when he would pick a school so it would end. The North Stafford High School office became a who’s who of college football coaches, including Lincoln Riley arriving shortly after being named Oklahoma’s head coach, while Ford’s coach, Joe Mangano, tried to keep it all straight.

“There are days I remember with Georgia and Ohio State both coming in and then Auburn’s at the front desk and then at practice there’s USC and there’s you name it, Texas and Florida State,” Mangano said, with a picture of Ford in a Penn State uniform autographed by the Nittany Lions’ coaching staff…

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