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State College, PA – Penn State Football: Nittany Lions Getting Plenty Of Size And Length In Secondary With 2019 Haul –

Height doesn’t necessarily matter if we’re being perfectly honest. Great players have existed in every shape and size, some fitting the mold and others breaking it.

But nobody has ever turned down a long and athletic prospect. So as Penn State’s 2019 class made it official on Wednesday morning there was one thing added to the coverage units.


On Penn State’s current roster there are 17 players at the safety and corner positions with 11 of them listed under six-feet tall. That includes senior Nick Scott, junior John Reid and has included the likes of Grant Haley. So there have been plenty skilled corners and safeties that might be considered slightly undersized by some.

Enter Penn State’s 2019 class that includes three corners and two safeties. All five of them coming in at six-feet or taller per their recruiting profiles. In fact 16 of the 18 prospects in the haul hit the six-foot mark. The only two that aren’t are both running backs.

According to James Franklin and cornerbacks coach Terry Smith, they weren’t necessarily looking for height, but they weren’t going to turn it down either.

“I think height — we’re like everybody else in terms of we’d love to be as long as we possibly can be across our defense and on our offense and specifically defensive backs,” Franklin said.

“But as you guys know, and I’ve said this before, we’re not going to pass on a really good player because he’s 5-9 and there’s a lot of programs that will do that. They are cookie cutter. You’ve got to be at least six-foot to play this position, 6-2 to play this position. I don’t want that. We don’t want a roster full of exceptions, but I think we’re going to trust our evaluation and take those guys.

“Not consciously,” Smith said of looking for size. “But obviously when you look on paper you want the bigger longer corner that can run and can change direction.”

Nevertheless, Penn State is getting size and speed in the secondary, all from inside its recruiting footprint. In fact the 2019 class, the sixth under Franklin, is the only in his tenure to have every coverage player come in at six-feet or taller. 


  • Tyler Rudolph: 6-1 (CT)
  • Keaton Ellis: 6-0 (PA)
  • Joey Porter: 6-2 (PA)
  • Marquis Wilson: 6-0 (CT)
  • Jaquan Brisker: 6-2 (PA)

Previous classes:


  • Marcus Allen: 6-2
  • Koa Farmer: 6-1
  • Amani Oruwariye : 6-1
  • Grant Haley: 5-10
  • Daquan Worley: 5-11
  • Christian Campbell: 6-0


  • John Reid: 5-10
  • Garrett Taylor: 6-1
  • Ayron Monroe: 6-0
  • John Petrishen: 6-1
  • Jarvis Miller: 6-1


  • Zach McPherson: 5-11
  • Anthony Johnson: 6-3


  • Lamont Wade: 5-9
  • Jonathan Sutherland: 6-0
  • Tariq Castro-Fields: 6-1
  • Donovan Johnson: 5-10
  • DJ Brown: 5-11


  • Jordan Miner: 6-1
  • Trent Gordon: 5-11
  • Isaiah Humphries: 5-11

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